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If you've ever purchased a home, moved into an apartment or rented a house are you aware of who has keys? The number one best defense to securing your home is to immediately rekey and change the locks on every accessible door.

Items that identify where you live should never accompany your keys. Protecting your assets out in public will help you stay safe while at home.

Place your trust in over 100 years of service. Our team takes your safety very seriously.

Invest in your family by taking simple measures to keep them safe

- New keys or re-keys

- New locks

- High security systems

- Keyless entry

- Keypad and keyless entry

- Security cameras and systems

The professionals at Hoernel Key Shop Inc. make sure that you are safe with state of the art products that have high level security measures. If you ever feel that you need added protection our staff will perform security assessment.

Security is our priority. You'll never be disappointed.


Do you know who has access to your home?

Personal security is key

Services include:

Our team leaves you with all the keys

Card being swiped on a digital lock with keypad