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Hoernel Key Shop Inc. is licensed to provide locksmith services to all types of commercial businesses. Don't put your business or employees at risk with faulty locking mechanisms or a poorly designed security system.

Your best defense against unwanted access to your business is a properly working security system. Choose from a variety of state of the art products.  

Your business is at a greater risk of crime with no security measure in place. Get a comprehensive plan today.  

Having difficulty with your locks or keys?

- Property risk survey

- Security audit

- Audit of key control

- Detailed findings report

- ADA compliance

- Commercial rekeying

- Restricted key systems

 non-duplicatable keys

- Card and FOB access

- Cameras and security equipment

Reduce your vulnerability to crime with a full assessment of your business security needs. Our team will help you see where your weak points are and help you stop your threats dead in their tracks.

Call today to reduce your risk.


Explain how your services or products work

Protect your integrity

Get a professional assessment

Protect yourself from every type of predator