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The days of pushing a coat hanger through your window seal and opening your door without assistance from a key or the police are gone. As technology has improved, so have the manufacturer's view on auto security.  

If you've lost your keys or worse yet, locked them inside your car you'll need professional help from Hoernel Key Shop Inc. to access your vehicle.

Get quick access to your car when your keys are nowhere to be found. Our team will solve your lockout problem fast.

Locked out? Get help when you need it most

- Mastered techniques

- Damage free access

- Re-key and key production

- Specialty tools for access

- Car remotes

- Key fob

- Transponder

- Chipped keys

- Lockouts

The car industry is always changing and increasing security on locks placed on new model cars and trucks. Our team is diligent to provide up to date training on all new locks and devices. Trust in a team that takes your needs seriously.  

Gaining access to a locked car isn't easy

Trouble getting into your car?

Fast access to any vehicle

Expertly trained and educated by professionals

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